Mirroring The Repositories Is Not Okay

  • Posted on: 4 January 2017
  • By: tomww

Dear power-users,

the machine serving the IPS repositories is not made for gigabits of mirroring-traffic. It is not.

I'll lock out from now on the mirroring requests. You should not have real use for a repository with tons of old packages and gigabytes of source files. (Have you already looked at what hits your local disk?)

So please, don't mirror. Just don't. If you look at the document "quicklinks" then you probably already know that you should not mirror the development repositories.

Thank you in the name of the other users who need the bandwidth and the repo-server with enough headroom for quick delivery.

If you want to change this, then please start now planning for a release repository. Including voting/promotion for development packages that go into a release repository. This release repo can be mirrored as needed.
This is an open project where you can participate.