Problems for LibreOffice with g++/glib2 installed - how to repair

  • Posted on: 24 November 2016
  • By: tomww


unfortunately the package g++/glib2@2.44 introduced problems with libreoffice no longer starting. It prints an error message about "gdk....".
If you have no package g++/glib2 installed or your libreoffice still works or you didn't update since yesterday Nov 23rd, then you are not affected:
check with:
pkg info g++/glib2

I've removed the package from the repo already, but I can see from the loadbalancer-logs that possibly a handful people already got the package g++/glib2@2.44 installed.

Here come some (possibly not 100% complete) instructions to reverse the installation. You could as well go back to an earlier boot-environment or a snapshot.

(remove the package names from the command line one by one in case you don't have them currently installed, pkg will tell you which ones)

pfexec pkg uninstall ffmpeg audio/mpd media/vlc

pfexec pkg uninstall pkg://localhosts11/library/g++/glib2 library/g++/harfbuzz@1.0.6- library/video/libass@0.13.1- desktop/application/libreoffice4@ desktop/application/libreoffice4-desktop-int@

pfexec pkg refresh
pfexec pkg install -nv harfbuzz ##this should get you version: @0.9.38 !

#now install the packages you want back: (select your preferred ones)

pfexec pkg install mpd vlc desktop/application/libreoffice4-desktop-int

There is a compile run right now building a new ffmpeg package with updated dependencies, stay tuned.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused (you three users around the world!)

For any problems or questions, please drop me a note to sfepackages at g mail dot com