SFE Packages for OpenIndiana Hipster 2015 2016 2017


Outdated OpenIndiana 151a8 - Development Repository of SFE IPS Packages built for OpenIndiana 151a8

Welcome to the repository server of IPS packages

For some time there has been a maintenance note, that
this now gone.
As every temporary fix, it naturally transforms into
a permantent solution. Therefore this is now the main site.

But still, please please do not mirror this repository!  Thank you. 
(why? it eats other peoples access bandwidth and once 
you finished the mirror, the packages are already old)

Please always read the blog!  http://sfe.opencsw.org   

And please do not mirror this repository with pkgrecv
if you aren't prepared to limit the packages to a single,
most recent entity per package. Else you may end up with
50 times dovecot directly from the numerous build runs.
Thank you.

I'm planning for bookable office hours on calendly,
stay tuned or drop me a note now on twitter @sfepackages
or on libera IRC network channel #pkgbuild.

tomww 20211011

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